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A Couple celebrating on the Palm Pleasure Aruba zoom Founded as a tour and transfer company in 1960 by business visionary and tourism pioneer Luis C. De Palm, the company was acquired by local businessman Harold D. Malmberg in 1971.

Under Malmberg's leadership the organization flourished, growing from six employees to today's volume of 270 staff members, all committed to providing visitors with a convenient, hassle-free, one-stop portal to a wide variety of vacation experiences on Aruba.

De Palm Tours' transportation division has grown to include 33 deluxe Volvo buses that provide shuttle services between the airport and the hotels, as well as air-conditioned comfort when operating De Palm Tours' island sightseeing excursions.

De Palm Tours also introduced a fleet of Land Rovers and Jeep Wranglers to the company's mix of activities, designed to diversify the sightseeing experience for guests.

Up until 1975, water-sport services were exclusively available to guests staying at only two of the island's hotels. De Palm Tours changed that landscape by establishing a watersport division offering sailing, snorkeling, and scuba excursions, making the activity user-friendly to all tourists and Aruban residents.

Another mile stone in 1988, De Palm Tours developed De Palm Island, which serves as a recreational and entertainment center for individuals, as well as groups.

Over the years, De Palm Tours evolved into the only company on the island that specializes in vacation planning, as its main focus. The company operates 25 sales desks located in the lobbies of most island hotels, as well as a Sales Center in the heart of Palm Beach at the De Palm Pier.

With more than 25 years of experience, the De Palm Tours' Destination Management Services, the DMS division, supports corporate clients by designing and executing unique and unforgettable group programs and events.

In February of 2011 De Palm Tours acquired Atlantis Submarines Aruba, further diversifying its underwater tour product-line which already includes SeaTrek, the underwater helmet walk on De Palm Island.

In August 1982, Ricky Malmberg, son of Harold Malmberg, joined the company after graduating from the University of Villanueva in Miami, Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. Although his daughter, Lisette Malmberg, graduated together with Ricky at the same University with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing, she did not join the company until October 1984. She worked in Florida for two years to gain some experience. The younger generation contributed substantially to the growth of the company and came with numerous new ideas.

Today members of the Malmberg family have an important role as board members and strategic planners and are no longer managing the daily operations of the company. Instead they have transitioned that part of the business to a professional management team, and as board members plot the course for further developments with family patriarch Harold D. Malmberg at the helm as Chairman of the Board.

De Palm Tours has offered a high level of service, for more than 50 years, earning utmost respect within the Aruban hospitality industry as well as the international travel community.


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Over 50 years serving Aruba's tourism