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Do you provide transportation from the airport to all the hotels in Aruba?

How often do the buses run?

How do I confirm my return transfer from the hotel back to the airport?

I will be staying at two different hotels during my stay in Aruba. Is there a difference in the price?

Do I have to pre-book transportation prior to arriving in Aruba?

Do you offer private transfers from the airport to the hotels?

How long is the bus ride from the airport to the hotel?

Are your buses modern and air-conditioned?

How early do we need to be at airport on day of departure?


What types of tours does De Palm offer?

Can I book your tours at my hotel?

Do you provide transportation from the hotels for all your tours?

How long in advance should I book your jeep tours?

How long is your Jeep Tour?

What’s the difference between what you see or where you go on a bus sightseeing tour compared to a jeep tour?

What side of the road do you drive on in Aruba?

What are the roads likes to drive on the Jeep Tour?

I don't have an Aruban license to drive?

Do you provide transportation for your tours?


Do you accept all credit cards?


What is included and what is not included in the De Palm Island packages?

If I have my own transportation, can I go to De Palm Island on my own?

What are the opening and closing times of De Palm Island?

Is De Palm Island open every day?

Is the water park for children only or for adults too?

How deep is the water for snorkeling at De Palm Island?

Is snorkel instruction provided at De Palm Island?

How far is De Palm Island from the hotels?

Is De Palm Island easy to find if I go there on my own?

Is De Palm Island geared more for kids or adults?

Do you have beaches at De Palm Island?

Is there shade other than at the beach area?

Do locals come to De Palm Island?

Can you do Sea Trek or Snuba if you have a medical condition?

I purchased an USB with picture from one of the underwater activities I joined, but it doesn't work.


What is the difference between the morning snorkel tour and the afternoon snorkel tour on Palm Pleasure?

Where do I have to go to board the vessel?


Do you offer child rates?


I booked a tour online and didn't receive the confirmation?


Where are the De Palm Tours sales agents located?


What is your cancellations and change policy?