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Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance should I book your jeep tours?

Our jeep tours are popular and tend to fill up fast especially during the busy months from January to April and July to October. We suggest either booking your tour on-line by clicking on the “Book Now” button or shortly after arriving in Aruba booking your tour at your concierges or activities desk in the lobby of your hotel.

How long is your Jeep Tour?

We offer two different types of jeep tours. Both are half day in length and range from 3 ½ hours to 4 ½ hours.

I don't have an Aruban license to drive?

A valid driver’s license from country of residence is acceptable.

What are the roads likes to drive on the jeep tour?

The off-road section leading to, and departing from, the Natural Pool on The Natural Pool Jeep Tour is bumpy and requires you to drive very carefully. This section is approx. one mile each way.  The roads on the Baby Beach Jeep Tour are much easier to drive on and the tour is best described as a soft adventure.

What side of the road do you drive on in Aruba?

On Aruba we drive on the same side as you do in the USA, on the right hand side.

What’s the difference between what you see or where you go on a bus sightseeing tour compared to a jeep tour?

Some of the stops are different and off-road in nature on our jeep tours compared to our bus tours. Because of the nature of the different vehicles, our buses are air-conditioned and more comfortable than our jeeps.  Our jeep tours appeal to the more adventurous whereas our bus tour is more appealing to those who seek comfort.  Both options provide you with a wonderful overview of Aruba.