we support

Family first

The Family First Foundation helps strengthen and restore families and individuals from dependency to a healthy interdependency.

Their Mission:

By setting up of centers in different districts of Aruba, reach families/individuals and offer support, information, services and entertainment which will stimulate and direct them on a path to united, strong, healthy and prosperous families and individuals.

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Micky's Foundation

Micky's Foundation was founded in December 2014 to support the children with severe motoric and/ or mental problems. On Aruba, specialized therapy as in pediatric physiotherapy, pediatric occupational and pre-verbal speech therapy for children is non-existent.

Micky’s Foundation offers:

Free therapy, specialized therapy, intensive therapy, continuity of therapy, transmitting knowledge and therapy at home.

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Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

The Aruba Donkey Sanctuary was founded in 1997 as a non-profit and completely volunteer run organization and their mission is simple… Save the donkeys!

Although not originally native to the small island of Aruba, donkeys have existed here for 500 years having been the primary mode of transportation until not needed anymore. Eventually more vehicles led to more accidents which was the start of the donkey sanctuary.

You can visit the donkey sanctuary every day between 9 am and 4 pm or join our Baby Beach Land Rover Tour going there.

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